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Corozo Buttons: Fascinating Facts You Need to Know

We're living in a world of plastic, and it's bound to be here long after we're all dead, even if we choose to believe that the earth will eventually heal itself. But let's focus on the positive for a moment: Corozo Buttons.

Corozo buttons are a minimal effort to make a big change towards the goodwill of your environment. A perfect alternative to fossil fuel and non-biodegradable buttons, our buttons are not just sustainable but also beautiful and durable, and they have some fascinating facts associated with them, which we will list for you. 

1) Corozo Buttons Are Made From The Tagua Nut

The tagua nut is a special type of nut that is found in the South American rainforest. It is produced by tall trees which can grow up to 30 feet tall. The nuts take between 5 and 7 years to mature before they are ready for harvesting.

Once the farmers harvest tagua nuts, they put them under the sun to dry them for several weeks. This allows them to harden and makes them suitable for carving into buttons. Carving the tagua nuts into buttons requires a very delicate process. However, they are extremely strong and durable once it is done.

2) Tagua Is Actually A Rare Plant

The tagua is rarely cultivated on farms. It can only grow in the microclimate of the Central South American rainforests. So, our buttons go through a 100% natural process in the making and with very little interference from humans. 

3) Made From The Skilled Hands

Only skilled hands can make the Corozo buttons. An artist must have a higher education degree to be a Corozo artist. The manufacturing process for a Corozo button differs greatly from obtaining the raw material, so we have employed more than 100 skilled professionals at every stage of making the Corozo button.

4) Great Alternative To The Fossil Fuel Buttons 

Made from 100% vegan material, Corozo buttons can be a great alternative to plastic buttons with coconut buttons. Our buttons have been there for almost 4 decades, and there were times when plastic buttons took over these buttons, which resulted in immense plastic pollution for the fashion industry. However, now, the fashion industry is looking for cleaner ways to produce fashion, so Corozo is getting the value it deserves.

5) Value And Supports Local Economies

Corozo grows predominantly in South America due to the suitable climate and other factors. Big corporations can only produce them on a small level, which means they have to work hand in hand with local South American people to meet the demand. If any corporation wants to enter into the production of the Corozo buttons, they have to work with the local people, no matter what. 

6) More 1700+ Styles Available 

Something is 100% vegan that doesn't mean you only have limited styles in it. Corozo buttons have been in the industry for almost 40 years. During our time in the industry, we created millions of buttons that offer your style, unparalleled quality, flexibility, and reliability. 

7) Customizable 

Corozo buttons are customizable, so you can create them according to your business and its theme. Till now, we have created millions of custom buttons, and if you have any ideas for creating the button, you are welcome here.

8) Unique, Durable, Stylish 

Made from human hands and unique grain, every button will have its one unique identity. Not only are our buttons as stylish as you, but these are durable as well. Durability has become an important property for the buttons as a button has to go through machine watches, ironing, dry cleaning, etc. all of these processes can damage the button if it is not durable. No matter what condition these buttons go through, they will stand the test of time. 

9) Sustainable

Their natural and organic material makes the corozo buttons sustainable. Due to this property, Corozo buttons can beat the polyester buttons or hands down. Not only do farmers have to cut fewer trees to make the Corozo buttons, but our buttons also don't leave any carbon footprint once out in the market. 

10) Available For Every Type Of Clothing 

Once you explore our website, you will find that the Corozo buttons are available for almost every style. From jacket buttons to customized buttons, we have a wide assortment of buttons for men's, womens, and clothing lines. So, if you want a sustainable fashion starter, Corozo buttons can be an excellent choice. 

Wrapping Up! 

Corozo buttons are interesting, fun, and fashionable. Consider them as a sustainable, biodegradable alternative to polyester and other petroleum-based clothing buttons. When we think of sustainable buttons, it's rare not to think of these corozo buttons. The fossil-free corozo buttons have their own history, which has been around forever without the aid of fossil fuels. In fact, the mind-blowing fact about corozo buttons is that they were here before our brain-eating food-processed polyester designs. With that, thank you for reading this guide. We hope you liked reading about the interesting facts associated with the Corozo buttons. 


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